1. Log-in to your course. Navigate to the current Week/Topic, the Collaborate session will be available 15 minutes before start time. 


2. Click on the session, then click Join session. 




3. This screen will appear. Check the microphone in the top left corner. If red, it should be on.



4. If the microphone is not on, you will get this screen.  


5. Click the microphone and select Always Share to turn it on.


6. Click the microphone at the bottom to switch between mute  and talk .

6. If you do not have a microphone with your computer, you can use your telephone. 
Click the three-line menu  just below the microphone.

This will provide a dial-in number and PIN. Dial the number and follow the prompts. 

Once you are connected, the telephone icon will appear at the bottom of your screen.