1. To access your phone portal, type portal.trueipsolutions.com into your web browser {PLEASE NOTE this is not compatible with Firefox browser}
You will be directed to the login screen shown below. 
Your Login Name is your extension followed by your domain (i.e. 6711@Robeson.edu). Your Password is a series of numbers, usually 4 to 6 digits. 

Note: If you do not know your password, click the forgot password option and then enter your extension@robeson.edu to receive an email to reset your password. 
If you are still unable to login please contact I.T. Support at 910-272-3566 Option 1.

2. Click on Webphone

3. Click the allow button. You will need a device that has a built in microphone.

4. To receive inbound phone calls through the web select yes.

5. In order to make calls click the plus sign shown in the image below.

6. Click the icon displayed in the image below to bring up the number pad.

7. From this point you can dial the number you wish to call.