1. Open play store and browse for Tips Mobile to download the app.

2. Click the Install.

3. Click the open button to open the Tips Mobile app.

4. Login to Tips Mobile with your phone Extension@robeson.edu shown below. 

Note: This is the same login for the web version. If you do not know your password click the forgot password option to send an email to reset your password for your TrueIpSolutions phone extension.

5. If you want to the Tips Mobile app to access the contacts you have on your personal phone click allow otherwise click deny.

6. Click the Allow button to be able to use your phone for making calls with Tips Mobile.

7. If you would like Tips Mobile to be able to record audio click the allow button otherwise click Deny.

8. Click the OK button.

9. Enable the "Allow display over the apps" see image below.

10. First page shows the contacts for RCC Campus that you can click on to make a internal call. To dial out call click the Dial Pad icon.

11. At this point you can dial the number you need to call. If you are calling a internal number dialing the extension will work in this case.

12. Look up and call RCC Contact with Tips Mobile app.

13. Check voicemail with Tips Mobile app.

14. To check history see image below.

14. To log out of the mobile app or make setting changes to your phone extension.